Surrender Series CD 1: Stand Firmly in Your Truth

Surrender Series CD 1: Stand Firmly in Your Truth


This meditation is designed to awaken your divinity by unblocking your spiritual and energetic body, so that God’s light can circulate and flow freely through you. Through intentional breaths, visualizations and affirmations, we will awaken your divine knowing, wisdom, understanding, strength, beauty and gratitude, faith and trust, surrender, truth, and radiance. With regular incorporation of this meditation in your practice, you will feel your energetic and spiritual body receiving and radiating a single bright, brilliant and powerful light—the light of God, residing in you, within and around you.

The presence of God is soft and simple. It doesn’t make a grand entrance. Rather, it shows up quietly and sweetly, as subtle feelings that ripple up from a divine radiance deep within you. We are all born with an innate ability to connect with this divine radiance, or God-spark, meaning that when looking for answers in life, there is no need to go outside of ourselves. We simply need to look inwards, towards our inner light and guidance. This is where truth and light reside. Through this meditation series, I will help you to awaken that light within you, so that the life you imagine and desire becomes your reality. We will release resistance around wanted desires, whatever they may be, and create energetic space to manifest your deepest hopes and desires into your life. You will soon be met with all of the abundance you desire.

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