Over the Rainbow Bridge

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Embark on a relaxing and enlightening journey to the Other Side, where you will meet up with your loved ones in Spirit, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. Through a guided meditation, you will enter a hypnotic altered state starting with a deep relaxation, followed by a chakra opening and clearing journey represented by the colors of the rainbow. The purpose of this meditation is to assist you in raising your vibrational frequency and opening up your intuition to the higher frequencies of spiritual energies, where you can receive meaningful messages and healing energies.

This meditation is accompanied by William Buhlman and Tom Carey’s 4-D technology meditation and hypnosis music. 4-D technology uses brain synchronization and binaural beats, both ancient concepts using multiple layers of specifically tuned frequencies that help the subconscious and conscious mind to relax and achieve an altered state of being. For best results, we recommend you use headphones.

Approximate running time: 40 minutes

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