Heal & Seal Your Energy

Heal & Seal Your Energy

As we prepare ourselves to open up to higher energies, it’s important to clear the channel through which our energy flows, as well as ground ourselves deeply into our bodies and the earth. We must also raise our vibrational frequency in order to connect with the higher frequency of Spirit. We do so by unburdening our hearts, clearing, opening and balancing our chakras or energy centers and sealing our energy in a white light of protection.

Whether you are a professional healer, intuitive, caregiver or simply interested in awakening and developing your own intuition, the guided meditations and exercises on this recording will serve as spiritual tools to help you lighten and heighten your energy vibration to connect with Spirit energy.

This meditation is accompanied by William Buhlman and Tom Carey’s 4-D technology meditation and hypnosis music. 4-D technology uses brain synchronization and binaural beats, both ancient concepts using multiple layers of specifically tuned frequencies that help the subconscious and conscious mind to relax and achieve an altered state of being. For best results, we recommend you use headphones. 

Approximate running time: 53 minutes

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